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Vocartia is an uncommon land;
it is a place for sensitive people who love music

Here You can find:

  • professional setting (vocal and playing the violin) of weddings and other church ceremonies, concerts and recitals;
  • teaching of solo singing and playing the piano;
  • courses of vocal emission in choirs.
Welcome to Vocartia.

skrzypceI’m an opera’s singer with a lyrical soprano voice; with a warm and nice sound. I’m a violinist and a viola player, too (here You can find more information about me).
For many years I have been singing and playing during wedding’s and another ceremonies in churches.
I am experienced, which lets me do it in professional way, full of commitment and passion.

notes-300x225I’m able to help to choice programme, and with pleasure I can share my advice and observations.
Participation in that important events, gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction.
I give all my heart to the pieces of music which I perform.
I also propose lessons of solo singing and choral singing emissions.

Vocartia is land of music of Your dreams...